luni, 25 iulie 2016

Why is it better to rent a car with driver?

I am sure that anyone who is used to travel a lot is used on being the client of international rent a car companies, which are in fact a great way of traveling abroad with a rented car.

But sometimes there are issues, like for instance countruies where you don't want to drive your car by yourself, or countries where you cannot drive a certain car because for instance the driving wheel is on the left and you are coming from a country where tyou can found it on the right.

So, to be completely honest, I don't see any problem regarding the position of the steering wheel, as the part of the street that I have to drive, also when I am at the crossroads I don't understand exactly what should I do and this is why I prefer to rent a car with driver - but so it happens than in Romania,, Sixt and other international rent a car companies are not offering cars wih drivers, which meant that I had to call another company to offer me that service.

Finally, I was being able to find a very nice local company, that operates only on Mercedes class cars, with a very nice driver.

So, after this experience, I have to say that I recommend always using cars with drivers and particularry Mercees cars, that tend to be better than most of the other ccars.

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